We welcome your contribution and you may do so in several ways, depending on your situation:

Journalistic contribution

If you currently live in Timor Leste (any city) and want to work on or start your city’s documentation, please get in touch to check if there are documenters already in your city (this is necessary to avoid duplication and to extend collaboration). But if you are the first, you may start by perhaps writing an article about a specific historical site that you found interesting, and take a few photos with you (video making is better done by two person: one presenting and the other holding the camera). Articles can be written in any language (although we place emphasis on English and Tetun), while all video presenting should be in Tetun (with translation).

If you don’t live in Timor Leste, you may still contribute in a few ways, such as translating material, video editing, assisting with research and making correction (and spotting for errors!).

In any case, if you are keen to be involved, please get in touch! Email us at


Please consider donating so we can continue with the documentation. As this is an independently run blog, none of us are paid and at the same time we try to save up for getting new equipments, and perhaps pay for motorcycle rents to take us through to some hard to reach areas! Each dollar of your donation will go a long way.

At the moment we’re still figuring out how we can best do this! Stay tuned…